Sebastiaan van Heusden
Founder & Director
+31 (0)6-43984296

SUPER is a personal and exclusive modeling agency in Amsterdam with a progressive and distinctive vision. SUPER focuses on managing models who work at the highest level of the national and international fashion industry. SUPER offers its models individual attention and tailor-made strategic management to guide each model step by step and to prepare them for a long-term international career. SUPER also strives for this personal attention and collaboration with its customers.

SUPER does not only believe in the importance of personal and strategic management for its models, but is also actively committed to both the individual and professional development of a model. We work with various specialists to achieve this including stylists, skin specialists, sports specialists and nutrition experts. All of these specialists are highly experienced within the modeling industry and can provide professional and appropriate advice as well as additional guidance to our models.

SUPER was founded by Sebastiaan van Heusden. For the past 8 years he was part of a leading agency where he has worked with various Dutch top models. His passion for the business started at the age of 18 when he started his career in the fashion industry as a model. That experience makes Sebastiaan familiar with the position as a model within the fashion industry, as well as being a model agent.
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