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How to apply as a model

If you´re interested in becoming a model with SUPER model management fill out the application form below and upload your photo´s. If you are underage ask your parents´ permission for the application.

Upload 4 application photo’s which portray you clearly. Use the examples above as an inspiration for your photo´s.
Make sure you wear a tight fitting outfit in the photo´s, so that your body is clearly visible. You may ask your parents, a family member or a friend to take the photos. You can easily use a phone or a digital camera, a professional shoot is not required. It´s important to take the photo´s in natural daylight. To do so, take your photo´s near a window or outside in the shade, avoid direct sunlight for the best outcome.

After we have received your photos, sizes and your personal details, we will contact you within two working days. If we think you are a match with SUPER, we will invite you for an introductory meeting. If we are not interested, we will also let you know. If you are underage you are obligated to bring one or both of your parents to the introductory meeting.
During this meeting we will explain what you can expect from modeling as a profession and what SUPER’s working method entails. Following we will take some simple digital photo's to see how you photograph and take your measurements. Of course, there is also a possibility to answer all your questions. We can let you know at the end of the meeting whether or not we are interested in taking you on as a model.

The high-end international fashion industry requires models with a height between 1.74m and 1.82m and dress size 34-36. SUPER strives for an inclusive representation of all sizes, backgrounds and ages. When your measurements do not meet these specific requirements, but you are interested in becoming a model, please do not hesitate to send us your photo´s.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!
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